Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
    Dec 10, 2019  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Listing

Courses listed below are grouped together alphabetically by subject prefix.  To search for a specific course, please follow the instructions in the course filter box below and click on “Filter.”  

Departments and interdisciplinary programs are described in detail on the Majors, Minors, and Other Programs  page within this catalog.  Please refer to the detailed sections on each area of study for more information.  Requirements to fulfill a major or minor appear within each program or area of study.

All students must also complete the courses in the Common Curriculum (General Education), including Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) requirements and other requirements that pertain to the undergraduate degree. Courses are numbered as follows.

000-049 - Non-credit courses.

050-099 - Common Curriculum (General Education) courses and others that do NOT count toward the major.

100-199 - Introductory-level courses which count for the major.

200-299 - Sophomore/junior-level courses that can be taken by non-majors. (Some departments may use 200-249 and 250-259 to delineate between sophomore and junior level offerings.)

300-399 - Upper-level courses intended primarily for majors - these are courses representing the depth component of the major.

400-499 - All advanced courses for seniors, including those used to fulfill WS (Senior Writing Experience requirement), small seminars, research, thesis, and independent studies.

Wherever possible, the departments have indicated the instructor and the term during which a course is given. Some courses are offered only occasionally and are so indicated. The College retains the right not to offer a course, especially if enrollment is insufficient.

A few courses are not valued at full course credit, and some carry double credit.

A full course unit may be equated to five quarter-credit hours, or three and one-third semester credit hours.



   •  SPN 492 -  Spanish Independent Study 3


   •  STA 064 - (MTH-064) Statistical Thinking
   •  STA 104 - (MTH-104) Introduction to Statistics
   •  STA 128 -  Probability
   •  STA 164 - (MTH 164) Strategies of Experimentation: Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments
   •  STA 264 - (MTH 264) Regression Analysis
   •  STA 295H -  Statistics Honors Independent Project 1
   •  STA 296H -  Statistics Honors Independent Project 2
   •  STA 364 -  Big Data Analytics
   •  STA 490 -  Statistics Independent Study

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