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Environmental Engineering Minor

Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Engineering:

This program of study is only available to students as a minor and requires a minimum of six courses, including one core course and five elective courses. This minor is for students who are interested in the engineering and technical aspects of environmental issues. Completion of this minor will introduce the students to the environmental issues involved in several aspects of human endeavor (energy, water, waste, shelter, etc.); and will prepare them to contribute to design teams working to assess and mitigate environmental impacts.

Please Note: Environmental Science and Environmental Policy majors are not allowed to minor in Environmental Engineering.

1. Students must complete the following prerequisites for this minor.

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed

Choose one from the following:

MTH 102 - Calculus with Precalculus 3
MTH 112 - Calculus 2: Integral Calculus
MTH 113 - Accelerated Single-Variable Calculus


Choose one from the following:

PHY 110 - Physics for the Life Sciences 1
PHY 120 - Matter in Motion

2. Core course

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ENS 100 - Introduction to Environmental Studies

3. Five courses from the following list of electives.

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ENS 200 - Energy
ENS 204 - Geographic Information Systems
ENS 208 - Waste Management and Recycling
ENS 209 - Renewable Energy Systems
ENS 210 - Groundwater Hydrology w/Lab
ENS 247 - Sustainable Infrastructure
ENS 252 - Geoenvironmental Applications
ENS 253 - Environmentally Friendly Buildings
ENS 277 - The Water Paradox
ENS 299 - Environmental Forensics
GEO 210 - Groundwater Hydrology w/Lab
MER 231 - Thermodynamics 1