Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
    Apr 23, 2021  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chair: Professor G. Bizer
Faculty: Professors S. Benack, G. Bizer, D. Burns, K. DeBono, L. Stanhope, C. Weisse; Associate Professors C. Anderson-Hanley, J. Hart, S. Romero; Assistant Professor C. Rogers; Visiting Assistant Professors E. Egan, D. Hayes, L. Morton, D.C. Walker.
Staff:  C. Mennillo (Administrative Assistant)

Course Selection Guidelines

Common Curriculum(CC): In the Common Curriculum, all psychology courses count as if they are courses in the Division of the Social Sciences, except for PSY 210   , PSY 212   , PSY 310   , PSY 311   , PSY 312   , PSY 313    , PSY 315   , and PSY 410   , which can be counted toward the Common Curriculum science requirement.  PSY 200   does not count toward the Quantitative Methods Requirement (QMR).

Courses Suitable for Non-majors. All psychology courses are suitable for non-majors who have taken the prerequisite courses, with the exception of PSY 200   and PSY 300   , the required methods courses for the major.

For Neuroscience Majors and Minors only, BIO 103 (110)  and BIO 104 (112)  may be substituted for PSY 100   as the prerequisite for PSY 210   . Upon completion of PSY 210   , neuroscience students may take other Psychology courses without first completing PSY 100   .

Course Numbering: Psychology 100 or permission of the instructor is a prerequisite for all other psychology courses unless otherwise noted. 200-level courses typically treat basic topics and are appropriate to take with only PSY 100   as background.  Courses that are cross-listed with other departments may have additional prerequisites. Most 300- and 400-level courses have PSY 300   as a prerequisite; these courses are appropriate for students in any class year, and for majors or non-majors, as long as they have fulfilled the prerequisites.

Seminars: Some seminars (e.g., PSY 410   , PSY 420   , PSY 430   , PSY 440   , PSY 450   ) may offer different topics in different terms. These may be taken more than once for credit, with the permission of the instructor.


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