Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
    Sep 25, 2022  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Directors: Senior Lecturer B. Cohen (Biology) and Associate Professor N. Theodosiou (Biology)
Faculty: Professors J. Anderson (Chemistry), B. Danowski (Biology), K. Fox (Chemistry) and S. Horton (Biology); Associate Professor J. Kehlbeck (Chemistry).

Course Selection Guidelines

Requirements for Major:

Eleven courses from Biology and Chemistry are required for the major: BIO 103 (110)  , BIO 104 (112)  , CHM 101   , CHM 102   (or CHM 110H   ), BIO 205   , CHM 231   , CHM 232   , CHM 240   , BCH 380   , BCH 382   , and CHM 351   . In addition, students must have MTH through and including MTH 115   , PHY 110  , PHY 111    (or PHY 120   & PHY 121   ). Typically, students complete introductory biology, chemistry and math courses in their first year.

In addition to the eleven courses above, students are required to take 3 electives. Two of these must be taken from either BBIO 354   , BIO 355   , BIO 368   , BIO 378   or BIO 384   . The third elective may be taken from any 300-level courses in the subcellular or organismal biology areas, or BIO 243   , BIO 330   or CHM 340    Descriptions of courses from the Departments of Biology and Chemistry can be found under the department listings

 BCH 380  and BCH 382  comprise a two-term biochemistry sequence required for biochemistry majors and can be taken in any order.  For detailed advising suggestions see the advising website at under Department-Specific Advising Tips.

Placement: AP credit is awarded as per current Biology and Chemistry Department guidelines.

Courses for non-majors:

BCH 335  is a survey course for non-biochemistry majors who have fulfilled the necessary prerequisites as listed below. It is not appropriate for non-science majors looking to fulfill Common Curriculum requirements. Students who have completed BCH 335   cannot enroll in BCH 380   or BCH 382   and vice-versa.

Senior Writing Requirement:

The senior writing requirement may be fulfilled in several ways:

  1. By completing a senior thesis in conjunction with senior research (BCH 491 , BCH 492 , BCH 493 );
  2. By selecting the biology senior seminar that emphasizes cellular/molecular topics, BIO 489  .
  3. Only in the event that neither of the above options is available, a student could satisfy the WS requirement by writing a research paper requiring extensive background reading in conjunction with taking BIO 380  , CHM 382  or one of the upper level, molecularly-based biochemistry electives, in addition to the regular course work. Students pursuing this option must consult the Director of Biochemistry before the beginning of the senior year to make arrangements.

Requirements for the Minor and Interdepartmental Majors:

It is not permitted to minor in biochemistry. The ID major in which biochemistry is a component is not normally available.




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