Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
    Jul 12, 2020  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Neuroscience Minor

Due to significant curricular overlap, Biology or Psychology majors are not allowed to minor in Neuroscience.  Similarly, Neuroscience majors are not allowed to minor in Biology. They may be allowed to minor in Psychology but only under these conditions:


A.  Psychology chair approval

B.  All requirements must be fulfilled (including PSY100, which is otherwise not required of NS majors)

C.  No credits used to satisfy NS requirements may be used to satisfy Psychology requirements (i.e., no double-counting).


For all other majors interested in minoring in Neuroscience: BIO 242-Neurobiology is required in addition to four courses selected from the list below.  These courses must be from three different departments.  For Computer Science majors, only one of these courses can be double counted.