Academic Catalog 2021-2022 
    Jun 13, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mechanical Engineering, B.S.

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Requirements for the Major:

Course requirements with a typical schedule are given for the Class of 2025 below. Students should consult their academic advisor about the scheduling and sequencing of courses.


  1. * Students must declare their ME major prior to or during the sixth week of their first year spring term (prior to registering for courses for the following Fall). Students not declared as ME majors will likely not be admitted to 200-level ME courses.
  2. ** An alternate mathematics sequence in the first year is possible depending on the math preparation of the student. Consult with your academic advisor.
  3. *** ME students fulfill the computer science requirement by satisfactorily completing a CSC 100-level course.
  4. **** The 11 electives must be satisfied as follows:
    • Core Curriculum
      (1 Social Science, 1 Literature Humanities, 1 additional Humanities, 2 Linguistic and Cultural Competency)
    • 1 Math/Science Elective
      (This course is intended to count toward the ABET math/science requirements. This course must be a 100-level or above math/science course and count toward an Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geosciences or Mathematics major. AP credit can be used to satisfy this requirement.)
    • 1 MER Elective (defined as any MER elective course (or any approved course offered by the ME division of Clarkson University - Capital Region Campus) that has at least one 200 level MER course prerequisite).

    • 1 Engineering Elective (defined as any BME, ECE, ESC or MER course (or any approved course offered by the ME division of Clarkson University - Capital Region Campus) that has at least one 200 level engineering course prerequisite).

    • 3 Free Electives
  5. **** STA 104  , STA 164  , or STA 264   may be substituted for MER 301  .
  6. ***** The fall term of junior year is the recommended term for satisfying the Linguistic and Cultural Competency component of the Core Curriculum through a term abroad. Students may complete this requirement in other terms as well. Students should determine as early as possible how they will satisfy the requirements of the Linguistic and Cultural Competency Core Curriculum component and should work closely with their academic advisor to develop the appropriate plan of study that will allow them to pursue the desired option.
  7. )****** The Senior Experience is satisfied by  completing (a) MER 487 plus an additional MER elective or (b) MER 487  plus MER 485  (or free elective with team faculty advisor consent) and MER 486  or (c) MER 497  and MER 498  .

Requirements for the Five-Year Combined BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering:

Union undergraduate students may apply to this program offered in conjunction with Clarkson University where both a B.S. and an M.S. degree in mechanical engineering are earned in five years. Students are encouraged to apply during sophomore year but no later than the end of the fall term of their senior year. A 3.0 overall GPA is expected for admission. Students enrolled in the program may count up to three Mechanical Engineering courses toward both degrees. A petition requesting overlapping degree credit must be approved by the undergraduate and graduate advisors and filed with the graduate office. The Master of Science program is described in the catalog of Clarkson University.

Requirements for Honors:

In addition to the college wide Departmental Honors requirements enumerated in the Academic Catalog, candidates must (1) conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Union College Academic Honor Code and the National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics for Engineers and attest that they have had no institutional actions related to academic integrity on file; (2) maintain a minimum of 3.5 GPA in these ME courses:  MER 101  , MER 201  , MER 212  , MER 213  , MER 214  , MER 231  , MER 232  , MER 301  , MER 311  , MER 312  , MER 322  , MER 331  , MER 333  , MER 419  and MER 439  ; (3) complete a senior project earning a grade of at least B+ in MER 497 and A- in MER 498 or participate on a competition team earning a grade of at least A- in MER 486 and A- in MER 487; (4) present the results of the senior project or competition team at the Steinmetz Symposium or other suitable venue approved by the Department; (5) participate in the ASME student chapter’s oral presentation competition and represent the college at the National ASME meeting if selected and (6) complete and submit to the department administrative assistant the honors application form by the first week of the spring term and receive a vote of approval by the Department Faculty.

Course Selection Guidelines

Current Mechanical Engineering Major worksheets can be found in department web repositories. It is strongly suggested that students and their advisers consult with these worksheets prior to selecting courses (even during the first year). Please consult with a Mechanical Engineering faculty member if additional information or clarification is required.

Minimum grades in Prerequisite Courses: In order to qualify to take any mechanical engineering course, a minimum grade of C- must be earned in all mechanical engineering (MER) and mathematics (MTH) courses that are listed as prerequisites for the course. Mathematics courses with the IMP designation are excluded from this requirement.

Clarkson University - Capital Region Campus: Selected graduate courses in engineering mathematics, solid mechanics, and the thermal fluid sciences offered by Clarkson University Capital Region Campus are available to qualified undergraduates. For further information, please consult the catalog of Clarkson University for the MS program in Mechanical Engineering.

Major Courses

(Prerequisites and co-requisites are listed for each of the major courses. Under extraordinary circumstances, a student may petition the instructor and Department Chair to take a prerequisite as a co-requisite for a major course.)

Elective Courses

These may be taken to satisfy the engineering depth or free elective requirements. Consult the Mechanical Engineering Department Chair and course listings for additional MER, BME, ESC, CSC, ECE, and Clarkson University Capital Region Campus courses that satisfy the engineering elective requirement.

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