Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
    Jun 05, 2023  
Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Visual Arts (Studio Fine Arts Concentration ID), B.A.

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Requirements for the Interdepartmental Major:

Eight courses with at least one course in three of the five general disciplines of studio visual arts (drawing/painting; photography; printmaking/two-dimensional design; sculpture/three-dimensional design; digital arts). No more than three 100-level introductory courses; no more than two 200-level intermediate courses; at least two advanced level courses (AVA-300 or above); at least one art history course; senior/honors sequence optional.

A studio art interdepartmental major with a digital arts focus requires four digital art courses, three studio courses in at least two of the four studio disciplines, and one art history course. Those interested should consult Professor Cox (Visual Arts), Professor Orellana (Visual Arts) or Professor Cass (Computer Science) for specific details.

Requirements for Honors in Studio Fine Arts:

Candidates must meet College qualifications for honors and secure approval from a visual arts faculty sponsor for the two-term project with culminating exhibit. Each honors student keeps a written journal during the two-term project, reflecting on his/her work. There is regular verbal and written input from the faculty sponsor. This journal forms the basis for a final paper of at least 15 pages, which satisfies the College’s senior writing (WS) requirement. There are additional requirements for honors in studio fine arts and they should be obtained from your visual arts advisor. Students pursuing a one-term senior project must also secure approval from a studio visual arts faculty sponsor.

Course Selection Guidelines

Placement: Incoming first-year students with Studio experience who are interested in placement beyond an introductory course should contact the department chair to arrange for a portfolio review with the appropriate Studio Art faculty.

Enrollment Limits: It is important to note that many introductory Studio Art courses are petition courses. Due to high demand and limited Studio Art facilities, declared Visual Arts majors and minors have priority in registration for all Studio Art courses, unless otherwise noted in the course listing schedule. Students who are interested in a major or a minor are strongly encouraged to meet with a member of the department and to declare as early as is practical. Most introductory courses reserve some openings for incoming first-year students in the fall term.

100-level courses: These courses are designed to introduce students to the fundamental materials and techniques of the various Studio Art disciplines. They do not carry prerequisites, nor do they require any previous Studio Art experience. These courses are suitable for first-year students, sophomores, juniors, and seniors; please note the enrollment priorities as stated above. Non-majors who are interested in these courses are strongly advised to consult with faculty before petitioning for these courses.

200-400-level courses: These courses are designed to build on the introductory courses, and all have introductory courses as their prerequisites. They are suitable for first-year students, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Internships, Independent Studies, and Thesis: These courses are generally reserved for advanced Studio Art students, but may be appropriate for other students as well. All students interested in these courses must consult with the Studio Art faculty and arrange academic sponsorship before registering for them.

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