Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
    Oct 01, 2023  
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Five-Year M.B.A. in Healthcare Management

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Dean: Diego Nocetti, Clarkson University Reh School of Business

Director of Healthcare Management Programs: Amber Stephenson (Located at Clarkson University Capital Region Campus)

Clarkson University offers accelerated Healthcare MBA programs for Union College students. Union College undergraduates are able to take selected graduate courses through the Clarkson University’s Reh School of Business. These courses count for credit toward the Healthcare MBA program and count toward the bachelor’s degree. All Union College academic majors provide a suitable foundation for the Clarkson Univesity Healthcare MBA program. Students in the accelerated program typically complete the Health care MBA with only one additional year of study beyond the bachelor’s degree.

Please note: Union College students may take up to two Healthcare MBA courses without matriculation into the Healthcare MBA program.  Please see the section below titled Clarkson University School of Business Courses Open to Undergraduates.

Admission: Students who wish to matriculate into the Healthcare MBA program should consult their Union College advisor and apply for admission to Clarkson University Reh School of Business in their sophomore, junior or the first term of their senior year.

Application requirements:

  • Undergraduate transcript
  • Optional Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)/GRE; however, while standardized tests are not currently required for admissions, the GMAT is required to be considered for merit scholarship once matriculated into the program.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Written statement that explains the motivation for pursuing a healthcare management degree.
  • An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better is required for admission. Students that do not meet this benchmark, however, are encouraged to apply and may be admitted based on other strengths evident in their application file.

The Healthcare Management MBA degree is comprised of 16 courses. Union College accelerated students may take up to three Clarkson graduate-level courses while enrolled at Union College at no additional tuition. These courses double-count for both graduate and undergraduate credit. Students must receive approval from their Union College advisor to ensure the courses will count towards their undergraduate degree.

Accelerated students may commence taking courses in their junior year; however the bulk of graduate course work is typically completed in the senior and fifth years.  Additional program and contact information for the Clarkson University Reh School of Business can be found on the Clarkson University website at

Clarkson University Reh School of Business Courses Open to Undergraduates

Undergraduates who are not planning to enroll in the accelerated healthcare MBA program may take two graduate courses (no tuition due to Clarkson University). To register, students complete a one page application and submit an unofficial transcript. The courses listed below are open to undergraduates; however, Clarkson University School of Business maintains the right to limit the number of undergraduate students in each class to no more than five students.

For a complete description of these and other Clarkson University School of Business courses, see the catalog of the Clarkson University School of Business, available at

Courses open to undergraduates:

AC604 -  Financial and Managerial Accounting

HC600 - Introduction to Health Systems

HC605 - Health Operations

HC651 - Health Systems Management

HC626 - Health Marketing

HC674 - Health Law

HC617 - Health Finance

HC620 - Health Economics

HC680 - Managerial Epidemiology

HC650 - Health Policy Dynamics (Summer)

HC656 - Group Practice Management (Summer)

Union College undergraduate students interested in Clarkson University Reh School of Business graduate school courses or program should contact Amber Stephenson, Director of Healthcare Management Programs, Clarkson University Capital Region Campus (


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