Academic Catalog 2021-2022 
    Apr 24, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chair: Professor G. Bizer
Faculty: Professors C. Anderson-Hanley, G. Bizer, D. Burns, K. DeBono, J. Hart, L. Stanhope, C. Weisse; Associate Professor S. Romero; Assistant Professors C. Rogers, D.C. Walker; Visiting Assistant Professors Z. Buchin, T. George, J. Malatras, C. O’Dea
Staff: C. Mennillo (Administrative Assistant)

Course Selection Guidelines

Common Curriculum (CC): In the Common Curriculum, all psychology courses count as if they are courses in the Division of the Social Sciences, except for PSY 210  , PSY 212  , PSY 310  , PSY 313  and PSY 410  , which can be counted toward the Common Curriculum science requirement.  PSY 200  does not count toward the Quantitative Methods Requirement (QMR).

Courses Suitable for Non-majors. All psychology courses are suitable for non-majors who have taken the prerequisite courses, with the exception of PSY 200  and PSY 300  , the required methods courses for the major.

For Neuroscience Majors and Minors only, BIO 103  and BIO 104  may be substituted for PSY 100  as the prerequisite for PSY 210  . Upon completion of PSY 210  , neuroscience students may take other Psychology courses without first completing PSY 100  .

Course Numbering: Psychology 100 or permission of the instructor is a prerequisite for all other psychology courses unless otherwise noted. 200-level courses typically treat basic topics and are appropriate to take with only PSY 100  as background. Courses that are cross-listed with other departments may have additional prerequisites. Most 300- and 400-level courses have PSY 300  as a prerequisite; these courses are appropriate for students in any class year, and for majors or non-majors, as long as they have fulfilled the prerequisites.

Seminars: Some seminars (e.g., PSY 410  , PSY 420  , PSY 430  , PSY 433   , PSY 440  PSY 450  ) may offer different topics in different terms. These may be taken more than once for credit, with the permission of the instructor.


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