Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
    Jul 20, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Ethics Across the Curriculum

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Director: Professor B. Baker (Philosophy)

Ethics Across the Curriculum, funded by alumnus Michael Rapaport (‘59), is a college-wide initiative that provides support for faculty to incorporate teaching about everyday ethics into their course curricula. Everyday ethics is about integrity and cheating, honesty and dishonesty, justice and injustice. Courses incorporating an Ethics Across the Curriculum segment help students learn what everyday ethics is and how its principles are incorporated into many disciplines that deal with substantive issues other than ethics, such as anthropology, chemistry, engineering, and literature.

Art History

AAH 208 - The Business of Visual Art and Contemporary Entrepreneurship  


CHM 260 - Inorganic Chemistry  


CLS 146 - Sex and Gender in Classical Antiquity 
CLS 178 - Ancient World Mythology 

Computer Science

CSC 106 - Can Computers Think? Introduction to Computer Science 
(ethics component included when taught by K. Striegnitz)


ECO 101 - Introduction to Economics 
ECO 225 - Economics of Sin 
ECO 226 - Financial Markets 
ECO 230 - Mind of the Entrepreneur 
ECO 331 - E-Commerce Economics 
ECO 334 - Introduction to Financial Analysis 
ECO 375 - Seminar in Efficient Management of Technology  


SMS 123 - Ethics, Technology & Society  


EGL 101 - Introduction to the Study of Literature: Fiction 
EGL 231 - Nineteenth-Century American Literature 
EGL 237 - Reclamation & Renaissance: Black Literary Arts 1900 to 1968, “Dark Like Me - That is my Dream!” 
EGL 279 - Literature and Science 
EGL 254 - Discourses on the Viet Nam War 
EGL 296 - Screenwriting Workshop  

Environmental Science

ENS 110 - Introduction to Environmental Science


HST 124 - Monuments, Museums, and Movies: Introduction to Public History  


PSY 300 - Research Methods in Psychology  


SOC 360 - Domestic Violence  

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