Academic Catalog 2020-2021 
    Jun 22, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Science, Policy and Engineering

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Director: D. Gillikin (Geology)
Faculty: Professors J. Corbin (Biological Sciences), H. Frey (Geology), J. Garver (Geology), A. Ghaly (Engineering), D. Gillikin (Geology), M. Hagerman (Chemistry), K. Hollocher (Geology), I. Kaplan (Sociology), K. LoGiudice (Biological Sciences), M. Mafi (Engineering), J. Murphy (English), S. Rice (Biological Sciences), D. Rodbell (Geology), R. Wilk (Mechanical Engineering); Associate Professors K. Bidoshi (Modern Languages), L. Cox  (Visual Arts), L. Dosiek (Electrical and Computer Engineering), K. Lynes (English), L. MacManus-Spencer (Chemistry), A. Morris (History); Assistant Professor M. Stahl (Engineering); Senior Lecturer J. Bishop (Biological Sciences); Lecturer A. Verheyden (Geology)

The Environmental Science, Policy and Engineering (ESPE) program is focused on students with an interest in the science and policy behind the myriad environmental problems that face our world, the political policy mechanisms that may provide solutions to these issues, and the interface between the environment and the human condition. Students in the ESPE program choose either a BS degree in Environmental Science or a BA degree in Environmental Policy. The BS degree emphasizes the biological, chemical, and geological sciences, as well as physics and engineering, while the BA degree emphasizes the social sciences and humanities. A common set of core courses links the two programs. All students take a common introductory course, a core of 8-11 required courses, and 4-6 courses that define an area of concentration. During the senior year, students typically complete two terms of independent research, and participate in a common ESPE senior seminar.




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